Introducing Cannatella & Colletti – British Growers, Italian Roots.

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After nearly 40 years in business and now in our third generation, there is nothing that Glinwell does not know about growing cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. And what’s more, we know a lot about how to cook and eat them too!

Sam Cannatella & Joe Colletti, the directors of Glinwell, have grown up eating produce cultivated by their father’s Salvatore and Francesco and cooked by their mothers, in recipes handed down over generations. So it seemed a natural progression when Sam and Joe took over the running of the business back in 2010, that they would look for ways to combine their love of traditional Italian cuisine with the premium ingredients they had at their fingertips – their own tomatoes and peppers grown & harvested on a daily basis.

It was from this passion that Cannatella & Colletti was born.

Joe explains: “We realised that many of the tomatoes and peppers that chefs have available are lacking in the sweetness and intense flavour that our produce has. They often resort to imported produce to get that authentic Mediterranean taste, but as awareness of food miles and sustainability has grown, most would prefer a more local solution. So we created Cannatella & Colletti to allow restaurants and other businesses to source premium produce, locally grown and delivered just 24 hours after harvest.”

Sam goes on to say: “We also wanted to share our passion for good food with the public, so have taken our fresh produce and combined it with some simple natural ingredients, to create a range of gourmet sauces, inspired by authentic Italian recipes. Grown in Britain and packed with intense Italian flavour they are the core ingredients of the food we love to eat.”

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