Helping the next generation to ‘Eat Happy’

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Did you know that peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are actually fruit? And that a pepper has more Vitamin C than an orange? This and many other interesting facts about peppers were learnt by children in schools from Devon, Kent, Sussex and Berkshire in our recent Online Pepper Field Trip.

As a proud partner in Tesco’s Eat Happy Project, we were delighted to host a live interactive webcast, filmed in our vast St Alban’s glasshouses. Our pepper expert Rob, was on hand to explain about the different types of peppers, how we grow them, different ways to eat them and even the best way to cut them to remove all the seeds! In fact, Rob covered the whole process from field to fork, while the children watched in classrooms around the country and joined in with their own questions.

The online pepper field trip is just one in a series and forms part of the Tesco Eat Happy Project  – a long-term commitment to help 4 – 11 year olds have a healthier and happier relationship with food.

If children understand more about food and where it comes from, they can make better decisions about what they put on their plates when they grow up.  To help children smell, touch and taste their way through the intriguing world of food, Tesco offer FREE Farm to Fork Trails, Online Field Trips and Let’s Cook courses as well as recipes and activities to download from the website.

Watch the Glinwell webcast here and find out more about how we grow, harvest and pack our peppers.

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