Celebrate British Tomato Week with a red white and blue salad!

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British Tomato Week runs from May 18th – 24th and as ever we are proud to be supporting the British Tomato Growers association in spreading the ‘British is Best’ message. We’ll be inviting food writers to take a tour of our nurseries to see how we use sustainable growing methods including bees to pollinate our plants, biological pest control methods such as parasitic wasps and spiders, and recycle rain water run for irrigation.

You can do your bit to support British growers by looking out for the Union Jack symbol on tomatoes in shops and buying British. It means your tomatoes will be fresh and packed with flavour as they have not had to travel for days across Europe in refrigerated units that inhibit their natural sweetness.

For more news and recipes follow #britishtomatoweek, visit and why not give the delicious red white and blue cheese salad a try.

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